JESUSISM: A type of Christianity in which belivers adhere to the life and teachings of Jesus as the true and perfect foundation for their spriritual walk.

While in theory every Christian believes this, modern evangelical Chrisitianity mostly adheres to the teachings of Paul. A Jesusist holds the words of Paul and all others scribes of the Bible as wisdom gleaned from that person's encounter with God, but believes that the words of JESUS are esteemed above the words of ANY other person.

Jesusism views the LIFE, the TEACHINGS and the WORKS of Jesus as the only infalliable way, truth and life by which we should live. It is our life, our path, our guide and the only source by which we place our faith.

In short- what Jesus said and did is more important than what anyone else said or did in the Bible and if there seems to be any contradiction between words of Jesus and another person's words in the Bible; then what Jesus said is what stands as THE truth.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The non-religious Jesus

When most people say they are Christians, they really mean they are Paulians. Jesus Christ did not start the Christian religion , Paul did (more about Paul, later). Jesus' teachings were never about starting a new religion, his teachings were about having a true and intimate relationship with God, being completely baptized in the Holy Spirit, letting the Holy Spirit be your guide in all matters and learning how to truly love God and our fellow man not in words but actions. These three sentences are a quick summation of what Jesus taught and stood for. There were no divisions taught, no one was appointed head, no one was esteemed as more or higher than anyone else. Everyone was admonished not to seek to be a leader but instead be each other's servant. There was no judgment, no room for treating anyone as less based on race, class or gender. In Jesus' teachings, LOVE IS THE LAW. When Jesus spoke of building his church, he was not speaking of a building or a place of worship. Instead when he spoke of church he was speaking of His "called out ones." So Jesus' church is the people themselves who believe on him, not a building or a religion and the proper place of worship is as he told the woman at the well, "in spirit and in truth."


Dr. Forbush said...

I really like this post. I need to read more of your blog.


Anonymous said...

Love is the law- neither faith nor works are the road to salvation - it is only love. (See Luke 10). But it is significant that what is required is a humble and egalitarian love. "Love your neighbor as yourself" is the commandment. The love cannot be patronizing, nor can it be needy. It must be in a context of respect for self and others.