JESUSISM: A type of Christianity in which belivers adhere to the life and teachings of Jesus as the true and perfect foundation for their spriritual walk.

While in theory every Christian believes this, modern evangelical Chrisitianity mostly adheres to the teachings of Paul. A Jesusist holds the words of Paul and all others scribes of the Bible as wisdom gleaned from that person's encounter with God, but believes that the words of JESUS are esteemed above the words of ANY other person.

Jesusism views the LIFE, the TEACHINGS and the WORKS of Jesus as the only infalliable way, truth and life by which we should live. It is our life, our path, our guide and the only source by which we place our faith.

In short- what Jesus said and did is more important than what anyone else said or did in the Bible and if there seems to be any contradiction between words of Jesus and another person's words in the Bible; then what Jesus said is what stands as THE truth.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Not Jesuit - JESUS-IST; And thanks for disagreeing with me :-)

JESUIT- (j zh - t, j z -, -y -).
n. 1. Roman Catholic Church A member of the Society of Jesus.

1. A Person who believes in the teachings of Jesus as the only way to truth, salvation and eternal life.
2. A believer who is fed up with religion and hypocrisy.

I post these definitions after someone angrily left a very amusing post to me stating that as a "Jesuit" I was blind and that the Pope was Satan. If I was actually a Jesuit that might have offended me. Since I am a Jesusist I have learned to relish and enjoy these moments. It is quite alright if someone who reads what I write disagrees. Actually, I think disagreeing with the beliefs of others and others disagreeing with my beliefs is very healthy and beneficial. It brings about open mindedness, greater truth and understanding and spiritual growth and maturity for both parties. That is IF it does not turn into two spiteful people attempting to denigrate each other. I for one refuse to do that and instead follow the example of Jesus who tried to turn every opposing word into an opportunity to teach and to learn.

I believe that all of us who follow Jesus should be open minded and peaceful enough to hear others points of view. Someone believing what they believe has no bearing on me and what I believe. Whatever revelations God has given to you do not negate or remove the revelations that He has given to me. I co-exist because Jesus co-existed. I agree with my adversaries because Jesus taught that as His followers we should agree with our adversaries. And when someone calls me blind or tells me I am following Satan. That is ok. It gives me an opportunity to take an closer look at my beliefs and it gives me the humility to admit at the very least that I COULD be wrong. None of us should ever believe that we have The Truth completely locked down and figured out. I am always open to receive. As I pour out I hope and pray that others pour in.

And to my dear brother who thought I was Catholic. Its JESUSIST not Jesuit. LOL. Honest mistake, my friend.....and thanks for disagreeing with me.