JESUSISM: A type of Christianity in which belivers adhere to the life and teachings of Jesus as the true and perfect foundation for their spriritual walk.

While in theory every Christian believes this, modern evangelical Chrisitianity mostly adheres to the teachings of Paul. A Jesusist holds the words of Paul and all others scribes of the Bible as wisdom gleaned from that person's encounter with God, but believes that the words of JESUS are esteemed above the words of ANY other person.

Jesusism views the LIFE, the TEACHINGS and the WORKS of Jesus as the only infalliable way, truth and life by which we should live. It is our life, our path, our guide and the only source by which we place our faith.

In short- what Jesus said and did is more important than what anyone else said or did in the Bible and if there seems to be any contradiction between words of Jesus and another person's words in the Bible; then what Jesus said is what stands as THE truth.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Now I am a heathen also

I got up one sunday morning and sighed and decided to go to church. I asked my daughter "honey don't you want to get dressed and go to church...." She looked at me like I had grown and extra nose and said "Nooooooo." After much explaining and much convincing (of her AND myself) I got us dressed and drove us to our friendly neighborhood church. One hour later, after long prayers, devotionals, songs, scripture readings, testimonies and sunday morning annoucements; they begin taking up offering. My daughter is sitting there looking at me and continuously whispering, "mom can't we go now.....Mom this is no fun.....why are we here..." After a while I started asking myself those same quesions. Why WAS I there..... I couldn't quite figure out the answer myself. I am told that you should go to church because that is how you serve God. I looked and around and wondered what use could God possibly have for this. A ceremony that follows a very ritualized format that seldom if ever varied and which most people show up out of societal mores and political correctness. I placed money in the offering plate took my daughter by the hand and left that place. I thanked her for opening my eyes. And now, I am officially a heathen.